These came on Friday.

Heart Gallery Photo Case

Friday, we were all recovering. We were smiling because J’s surgery went well and he was home and resting, but I don’t think either of us had realized how stressed we were until Friday, when the relief came in waves that hit so hard they nearly knocked us off our feet.

We were walking through Target, sipping on coffees and picking up some necessary groceries, when one of the waves hit. I held onto the cart for a minute, because my legs were shaking from it, the feeling of relief palpable – our boy is safe and sound and healing.

His older brother has barely left J’s side since we got home. Laptop in hand, he’s sat with him in the living room turned recovery area, returning quickly if he had to be somewhere else for a bit.

Brotherly love

So, when the box with the cases arrived, I opened it and looked inside, and then sat the box aside and didn’t touch it again until Sunday evening. As excited as I am about watching the dream that is Heart Gallery come to life, it is nothing compared to watching our little one get used to his new look. The day we removed his bandages, he spent a while in front of the mirror studying his new look, then came and wrapped his arms tightly around me. “Thank you.” he said quietly, tears filling his eyes.


Once he stops sporting a black eye (bruising from the surgery), I’ll share a new photo of J, but for now, here’s one of my favorites that I took this fall.

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