Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

There are moments that change your life.

Standing in church, surrounded by family and friends, saying, “I will” while staring into the eyes of the man you’re willing to give up everything you know to spend the rest of your life beside.

Dreams are made of this

Looking at a positive pregnancy test, knowing that from this moment on, your life will never be the same.

There are others that feel just as life-changing, even though they aren’t as visible to everyone else.

Getting my first digital camera, and my most recent one.

My dad calling me to come stand beside his La-Z-Boy chair while he taught me about being an entrepreneur. For most of my teen-age years, I knew that was his plan for my life, and I agreed completely. For more than 20 years, I’ve dreamed of having my own business.

Sometimes, when you’ve dreamed a dream for so long, it takes something physical to truly know that your vision has left the realm of imagination and become real.

That moment when you hear the first cry of your newborn, seconds before the doctors bring him over and place him in your waiting arms.

Ken and Will

Writing “Mr. &  Mrs.” in every guest book of every Welcome Center as you drive across the country to your new home.

Receiving your first business cards for the company that you’ve dreamed about for most of your life. Holding the proof that it’s real, that this dream has finally come true.

Heart Gallery Business Card

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