The Erie Canalway Trail

I’ve got a mule; her name is Sal;
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal;
She’s a good old worker and a good old pal;
Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal.

We’ve hauled some barges in our day
Filled with lumber, coal and hay;
And we’ve come to know every inch of the way
From Albany to Buffalo.

Low bridge, everybody down;
Low bridge, an’ we’re comin’ to a town;
And you’ll always know your neighbor,
You’ll always know your pal
If ya’ve ever navigated on the Erie Canal.

I grew up in North Carolina, singing that – a song I first learned in music class in elementary school. For some reason, the lyrics stuck with me. When we first moved up to New York and I saw the signs for the Erie Canal locks, I was excited! The song was coming alive. Ken laughed at me when I confessed that I hadn’t even really been sure the Erie Canal was still a real place until we moved up here.

At Thanksgiving, a friend came to spend a week with us. She loved to go out walking, and came back one day telling us about the Erie Canalway trail. We’ve lived here for 6 years now and had never even heard of the trail. So early one afternoon when the weather was a little brisk but still feeling nice, we all went out to walk along the trail.

Rusted Bolt on the Erie Canalway Trail

While the guys were riding their scooter and playing with the dog, I was bringing up the rear snapping pictures of all the interesting things I spotted – things like interesting rusted bolts, feathers hanging from a branch, and boys who wished I’d hurry up and catch up. 🙂

Feathers on the Erie Canalway Trail

Waiting for Mom on the Erie Canalway Trail

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