It is a fascinating world that we live in. I know people always say take time to smell the roses, but what about taking time to study the roses instead? See how the petal curls so delicately, and how the rose hips grow once the flower dies. I wonder if there’s not a lesson for life there, that death has to occur before seeds can take root? In my pictures you’ll find life and sometimes dead (usually flowers or old buildings) or forgotten things. Creatures that people don’t notice, colors that scarcely seem real (sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not).


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    About me

    I’ve been studying the art of photography since I got my first digital camera back in the early 2000s. I photograph anything that captures my attention, the curl of a grape vine, the sun setting over the open road, even feathers caught on a twig. The world is so full of things to discover and I love exploring and sharing what I find.

    The Journey Begins…